Learnings from 2015 – A Candid Look at What Could Have Gone Better

dara 330 2014




This time of year we reflect on life’s big questions.

Is the Maccabeat’s latest Chanukah video better than last years? Is Adam Sandler’s fourth remix of the Chanukah song worthy of the airtime? Where are the new videos by women? (As if by magic, as I was writing this, Jewniverse deposited an answer in my email — a viral Hannukah video “There’s Pot in the Latkes” by MC Flow – Note: the video is not appropriate for children and the foundation doesn’t endorse activities which may be illegal depending on the state in which you reside).

Hey, stop watching those videos and read the rest of this blog post. I’m going to get to the real content now. Continue reading

Learning to Fish – An Underlying Philosophy of our Work

As a funder, we strive to be partners with our grantees, and to always show our respect for their work (and not just their desired outcomes). For a greater sense of what that means as well as the deeply Jewish roots from which the approach springs, this ELI Talks video from our Board Member Mamie Stewart Kanfer explains it all. Continue reading