Teshuvah & Forgiveness





A small gift to help sustain you though a meaningful fast this Yom Kippur – In this episode of our podcast Becoming Jewishly Sensible, Rabbi Lee Moore interviews writer Susan Terkel in a conversation that digs into teshuvah and forgiveness.

Susan Terkel is the author of numerous books about medical and social issues, including Feeling Safe, Feeling Strong (one of the earliest books about child sexual abuse) and Finding Your Way, a book that explains ethics for teens. Her book People Power was on the American Bookseller Association’s “Pick of the List,” and Ethics was selected as Hungry Mind Review’s “Editor’s Choice,” and recommended reading by Parents Magazine. Colonial American Medicine was selected for Science Books and Film’s “Best Children’s Books” list. She has written two books about drug policy: the first earned starred reviews; the second was selected for the American Library Association’s “100 Books a College-Bound Student Should Read.” Recently, she coauthored Small Change, selected a finalist for Books for a Better Life Award, and featured in USA Today.
Ms. Terkel is a graduate of Cornell University, where she studied Child Development and Family Relationships. She also studied Social Work at Case Western Reserve University. In addition to writing, she is an artist, wife, mother, grandmother and schmoozer.

What’s YOUR Jewish Sensibility? – A Crowdsourcing Project

What are the Jewish Sensibilities that guide you in your life, that color your world and perspectives?

Jewish Sensibilities are approaches to living and learning that permeate Jewish culture. The ideas, values, emotions and behaviors they express, emanating from Jewish history, stories and sources, provide inspiration and guidance that help us respond creatively and thoughtfully to life’s challenges and opportunities.

We use these sensibilities as gateways into exploring the relevance and power of traditional Jewish Wisdom applied to our lives.  The ten Jewish Sensibilities on our website are just the beginning.

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