(Re)Launch – Wherefore this blog?


Welcome to the “relaunch” of our blog – it’s technically been just over a year since our first post, and in that year we’ve done a lot of off-line work with grantees and partners. Now, we’re ready to turn to our goal of sharing what we’re learning more widely, and in turn, learning from all of you.

Our wish for this blog:

  • CONVERSATION: We are proud of our work as a funder, but we don’t pretend to have all the answers. This blog is a chance for us to open up and work through – with a community of thoughtful readers – our strategies and learning. We know your input will make us stronger, and we hope our perspective and the ongoing conversations will be useful to you.
  • CELEBRATION: We are proud of our grantees and their work. We are amazed by and appreciative of all of the innovators who are bringing a “Living Torah” perspective on Jewish life to new audiences – with and without our support. We plan to tell as many stories as we can – celebrating successes, and the new insights that come from the work of these innovators and the challenges they face.
  • COMMUNITY: We know that Jewish Wisdom has much to say to the contemporary world. want to connect those who share this belief and are working to cultivate, transmit, and apply what we call “Jewish Sensibilities.”

In the end, we hope this blog will reflect not only our voice, but yours as well. Please share your thoughts. You can also follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook, and please subscribe at the top of this page to get emails from us whenever we publish new content.)

We’re excited to take this next step. We welcome your suggestions, your feedback, your constructive critiques.   The blog is a work in progress, as is our journey as a foundation.

-Jon Woocher, President

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