Over the past several years, prizes have become a significant part of the American philanthropic landscape. When Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah decided in 2016 to launch its own recognition prize competition, we didn’t really think of ourselves as joining a bandwagon. Our mission is to help people apply Jewish wisdom – by which we mean the accumulating corpus of Jewish teachings, practices, and historical experience, both classical and contemporary – in order to live better lives and shape a better world. We knew that there were organizations and programs across the spectrum of Jewish life that were engaged in this work, and we wanted both to give recognition to their efforts and learn from their experience.

The 200+ Semifinalist Profiles for the 2016 Lippman Kanfer Prize for Applied Jewish Wisdom are a treasure trove of information about how organizations are seeking to apply Jewish wisdom. They can help us better understand what Jewish wisdom programs value and are seeking to transmit and apply; how they are making that wisdom accessible and applicable to participants; what they are learning about the factors that make for effective programs; and what impacts they are having, both on participants and more broadly.

We are pleased to present an evolving series of case studies based on our information, which was edited by Jon Woocher z”l, Founding President and Senior Fellow.

These digital resources are free to download, but we ask for your registration, to help us evaluate our impact and better reach the community of individuals and organizations interested in applying Jewish wisdom.


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If you are interested in requesting a case study with a particular focus, or authoring one using our public database of programs that use applying Jewish wisdom as a framework, please contact Jon Woocher, Senior Fellow.