Grant Announcements – Final Quarter 2016

dara 330 2014

Dara Steinberg, Executive Director


As we enter the final months of 2016, Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah is pleased to share several grants that will commence this year:


Amplifier – $51,000 (split between 2016/17) to deploy Jewish educators more extensively across all of Amplifier’s programmatic areas including their new Giving Circle Institute in 2017.  This builds on previously granted funding that developed tools for the giving circle leaders and integrated Jewish wisdom into their Incubator.


Foundation for Jewish Camp – $100,000 over 2 years to create and disseminate experiential Jewish education resources and content to their camps.  FJC has ideas for several new, innovative programs that will make Jewish wisdom relevant and accessible to campers and is excited to pilot these resources and develop additional new ideas that can be utilized across their extensive network.



Jewish Emergent Network –$60,000 over 3 years to implement a high quality curriculum for their Fellows, equipping the next generation of path-breaking rabbis with critical life-long tools, training them to tackle real-world issues, and filling in the educational gaps from rabbinical school.  This network of 7 spiritual communities is training a cohort of 7 fellows who are similarly driven to create these types of innovative and life-relevant spiritual communities.


J4 – a planning grant of $30,000 to create a plan for the development of a JOFEE professional leadership program to support the training of the next generation of JOFEE leadership.  Part of the foundation’s exploration of how to better support sectors where there is significant work occurring to apply Jewish wisdom, this grant will enable the 4 organizations – Hazon, Pearlstone Center, Wilderness Torah, & Urban Adamah – to explore options and develop a comprehensive plan to develop the leadership programming they have identified as a need for the sector.



JEIC – $50,000 over 2 years for the Hakaveret JEIC Team Challenge.    JEIC Team Challenge seeks to identify an innovation design team of highly talented and motivated individuals for a facilitated, year-long creative process to develop multiple innovative and engaging models for delivering Judaic education in Jewish day schools that will then be piloted in North American schools.   Hakaveret is funded jointly by the Mayberg Foundation, Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, and Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall and operated by Joshua Venture Group.


Hillel Office of Innovation – $10,000 to support the expansion of the Jewish Learning Fellowship.  The Jewish Learning Fellowship is an experiential, conversational seminar for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. It creates space to ask the big questions of our lives through a Jewish lens – from Who am I? and What communities am I a part of?, to topics of friendship, love vs. lust, and more.


Keshet  – $10,000 General Operating Support.  Keshet’s work towards full LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Jewish life is deeply valued by the Foundation.  To have the opportunity to engage with Jewish ideas, people must first be welcomed into their community.


Clal – $40,000 for to pilot NPSCI’s (New Paradigm Spiritual Community Initiative’s) first Kenissa Training Conference that will take place in December 2016 intended as  a second stage of training for participants of the NPSCI Consultation.  NPSCI communities are working to apply Jewish wisdom in communities that look very different from one another but share some core similarities about how they engage with wisdom and life-relevance.


Sefaria –  $10,000 General Operating Support to broaden the reach and accessibility of Jewish sources .  In addition, Sefaria is partnering with the Foundation to create source sheets aligned with Jewish Sensibilities (stay tuned for an announcement of this new resource).


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