What’s YOUR Jewish Sensibility? – A Crowdsourcing Project

What are the Jewish Sensibilities that guide you in your life, that color your world and perspectives?

Jewish Sensibilities are approaches to living and learning that permeate Jewish culture. The ideas, values, emotions and behaviors they express, emanating from Jewish history, stories and sources, provide inspiration and guidance that help us respond creatively and thoughtfully to life’s challenges and opportunities.

We use these sensibilities as gateways into exploring the relevance and power of traditional Jewish Wisdom applied to our lives.  The ten Jewish Sensibilities on our website are just the beginning.

We want to hear from YOU.  

Your submission – following the specific format of our Jewish Sensibilities Cards – will help us build on the framework and conversation we’ve begun, and we look forward to sharing submissions here on this blog, if not beyond.

Click here to submit your Jewish Sensibility (or several).

You’ll be asked to:

  • Name your Jewish Sensibility in a single Hebrew word or phrase
  • Provide an English translation
  • Give a short phrase that explains what this Sensibility instructs us to do
  • Give some context for this uniquely Jewish perspective, describing it in a short paragraph.
  • Tell us more about why you think this Sensibility belongs on our list, and what it means to you.

Submit as many times as you like – and if you have questions, please feel free to email our Communications Manager, Shana Ross, or our Director of Jewish and Organizational Learning, Rabbi Lee Moore.

Please comment and discuss here:

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