Shake up your Seder

We are now 10 days away from the first seder – a piece of Jewish ritual that lends itself well to a Living Torah approach. Just as we are all instructed to understand that we are so intimately connected through the centuries that we celebrate our freedom from slavery on a personal level, the seder can connect us to the best and worst of the world we live in at present, and the seder can plant seeds in our children to take our values and personal stories far into the future.

Of course, you can perform these feats of meaningful observation with pretty much any haggadah…but we love the idea of incorporating new pieces and/or full haggadot written with unique perspectives into our seders, and we are blessed to live in an age where this is easier than ever.

Here are a few of our favorites – it’s not even close to a complete list, so please add your favorite resources in the comments! (Obviously, we’re not in the business of endorsing any of these – but we thoroughly encourage you to make sure that your seder is a meaningful one…whatever that might mean to you. We hope these links will help in that process.)

Free resources: is the most comprehensive and flexible Build-Your-Own haggadah site we’ve seen. It’s community driven, so please add your own materials as you peruse what others have contributed.

T’ruah has put together a very complete haggadah this year, dealing with modern day slavery.

The Jewish Women’s Archive has a haggadah focused on women’s voices, which is likely to please the inimitable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, now public with her reading of the Passover narrative.

Seder 2015 is an artistic multimedia collection of resources, recipes and musings as well as haggadot and supplemental texts.


It may be too late for this year, but when you’re ready to preserve Your Family Haggadah for posterity, Dip Twice is a publisher of custom haggadot.

If yours is a gaming family, perhaps its time to think about moving away from the standard book format of a traditional haggadah entirely! The Kitchen SF has produced a deck of cards that turns seder into an interactive game.

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