Learning Objectives – An Introduction to Ours


At Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah we’re focused on how to help Jews (and non-Jews) engage with Jewish Wisdom and Sensibilities in ways that enable them to live better lives and shape a better world.

A hallmark of our work at the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah is that we approach grantmaking as an opportunity to learn – for us, and for our grantee partners. In addition to being a learning organization in the ways we conduct our internal processes, we also want to keep learning so that we can, from our corner of the Jewish community, continue to help the field learn and grow as well.

To this end, we have formulated an explicit set of questions about the process of transmitting, cultivating, and applying Jewish Wisdom and Sensibilities that we call our Learning Objectives. Some of these are about the ‘end-users’ that our grantee partners serve – what inspires a person to adopt a Jewish mindset toward life? Others are about what kinds of approaches work for our partners themselves – what cutting edge programmatic practices are they using? What tools and supports do innovative organizations need to be effective in their work? Some of our questions are about the wider community – what ideas and language best describe and animate the growing movement of people who care about cultivating and applying Jewish wisdom? And, finally, some of our questions are quite meta – if we are to speak about “applying Jewish wisdom,” what do we mean when we say ‘wisdom’? What are key leverage points for the process of cultural transmission?

Click here to see our full list. This represents our current questions and will surely change and grow, as we change and grow based on our learnings. Let us know if you have any thoughts on how we might add to or modify our current set of questions for a richer inquiry.
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