Grantmaking 2014

dara 330 2014

2014 was Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah’s first full calendar year of operation. Our work incorporates a variety of strategies for advancing the understanding and application of what we call Living Torah.  But our most direct way of doing so is by supporting projects and partners who share our perspective through grants. As we start 2015, it’s exciting for us to look back at the portfolio we’ve built over the last year and to take a minute to celebrate the organizations we’ll be partnering with over the next several months.

This year we funded projects with several previous partners of the foundation, as well as new partners. The projects themselves are varied, including curriculum development , new interactive learning experiences, and research to clarify educational outcomes. All focus on learning how more people can engage with Jewish wisdom, traditional and contemporary, in fulfilling and impactful ways, and how this wisdom can be applied to enrich contemporary life.

Our partners include:

  • Bible Raps – to utilize Genius as an interactive platform to support its curriculum
  • G-dcast – to support the development of resources for parents
  • Hazon – to deepen, expand, revise, and reorganize curricular and educational materials and make them easier to access, and thus easier to spread
  • KOLOT – to encourage and empower students to explore core Jewish values and paths to integrate them into their professional and personal lives
  • Jewish Education Project/Jewish Teen Funder Collaboration – to develop learning and growth outcomes, indicators and measurement tools for Jewish teen education and engagement
  • Mechon Hadar – to support the Center for Jewish Communal Music as it strives to provide practical resources, training, and leadership development with an aim of seeding a field in which engaged prayer life can take hold in Jewish institutions around the country
  • Moishe House – to pilot a learning retreat that trains young adults to facilitate Jewish lifecycle events in their home communities
  • PresenTense – to provide more compelling and creative ways to improve participants’ Jewish literacy, while enabling them to identify, articulate, and “own” the underlying values that serve as the bedrock of their social impact work
  • UpStart – to augment their learning and evaluation process with the organizations they support and assist, with a focus on understanding how organizations are cultivating, transmitting, and applying Jewish wisdom and sensibilities in their work, and what practices and approaches are effective in this regard

We remain committed as well to the proposition that ongoing innovation plays a vital role in strengthening our ability as a community to successfully transmit and apply Jewish wisdom in a changing world. So, we continue to support and invest in the innovation sector of Jewish life through grants to:

We recognize as well that there are organizations and settings where Living Torah is being modeled every day. We’re pleased to support:

A cornerstone of our portfolio is a fund designated to fulfilling Jerry Lippman’s deep commitment to creating a more just world. This year saw continued grants to:

As well as new grants to:

To learn more about our portfolio of grantees, click here.

And, we know, the identities of our partners are interesting, but details of what we’re working on (and not just who we’re working with) would be even better.  Sign up for blog updates (top right corner) to get the full stories as we roll them out over the year.

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