The seeds we plant

We were proud to participate in sponsoring several of last year’s ELI Talks, on the theme of Applied Jewish Wisdom. The wisdoms that speak to individuals, the ways people apply Torah – in its broadest sense – to their lives is endlessly fascinating to us. As we approach Tu B’Shevat, it seemed like a good time to share Yoshi Silverstein’s presentation.

Within his longer, complex thoughts on the Torah of place is a beautiful and fitting origin story of how a preschool in tune with nature gave him a perspective that would be present through his entire life – and, equally important, that school showed him, as a child, that there is a Jewish way to do everything, from playing in the trees to planting seeds, and it can enrich your life.


Tu B’Shevat, too, is a more complex holiday than can be summed up in a sentence or two – but whether metaphorically or literally, preferably both, we hope you will plant some seeds this year. There is great beauty and unfathomable return in such a simple act.

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