Interpretive Boldness – another way to say Living Torah

We feel strongly that Jewish Wisdom is dynamic – often, when we describe what we mean by Living Torah, we’ll say that it’s the notion that Torah (in its broadest sense, meaning all of Jewish text, oral traditions, rituals and practices) is a legacy of wisdom that is accumulating, not one that is finished.

This short clip from Rabbi David Hartman who not only honors the beauty of a wisdom tradition that can be seen growing from generation to generation, but believes the “interpretive boldness” of Torah in every generation to be the reason Judaism itself exists – flexibility not just as a survival mechanism, but as a core value that keeps Torah relevant.



What do YOU think?

How can we encourage Jews today to take Torah seriously as a multi-generational endeavor in which both respect for previous interpretations and a willingness to struggle for our own understanding are important?
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