A different perspective on compassion

Having shared with you Shai Held’s thoughts on chesed and compassion, we’d like to draw your attention to Brené Brown’s TEDxHouston talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” from December 2010.  In it, she talks about the need for compassion to start within by embracing vulnerability and our own imperfection and nonetheless affirming that we are worthy of love and connection.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the two talks as companion pieces.  It’s not a coincidence that discussion of Brené’s book, Daring Greatly, has collected over 200 comments (and counting) on JEDLAB…there is something here that resonates both generally and through a Jewish lens.



(If you prefer to read a transcript rather than watch a video, you can find the full text here…but we recommend finding 20 minutes to get the full presentation)

Please comment and discuss here:

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